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Brown Dog Service Partners

Below is a list of outstanding service companies we trust and enjoy doing business with. If you would like to reserve a spot on this page, contact Clay, Broker/ Owner of Brown Dog Realty. 

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Our 2 favorite companies are A to Z inspections and Call us First Inspections. 


We can not say enough positive things about Balender's Plumbing. Brian is an outstanding person to work with. 


We are currently looking to fill this service recommendation area. 

Pest Control

All of our properties we manage are maintained by Atlas, This is a very friendly and proffessional group out of Norman, Ok. 

Property Management
Carpet Cleaning

We have found J-Mar Flooring to be very dependable and a trustworthy asset to work with. 

Career Coaching

City of Norman 405-321-1600

Water, sanitation

ONG 800-664-5463

Gas for Heat and Hot Water

OG&E 405-272-9741

Electrical Service

Coming Soon: Coach Speer will be back in the saddle to help you reach your goals in life: career, family and personal goals. This exciting program is being written and should be available for launch soon.

We are proud partners with OZ Property Management. OZ takes pride in the art of leasing and property management to suite of clients needs. 

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