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Agency Owner/ Broker A Former Teacher and Football Coach for Norman Public Schools, Clay "retired" from NPS in 2011 after 15 years of teaching and coaching football at Alcott and Norman North to run the day to day operations of The Grapevine Gallery.


At The Grapevine, Clay and his wife Julie began working with his two uncles in 1995 at the Family Art Gallery. In 2008 Clay began running the day to day operations of the gallery and eventually decided to leave teaching to run the gallery full time and spend more time with his family. As the owner of The Grapevine Gallery Clay began to develop an interest in investment real estate...... 


Obviously this interest eventually led to him become a Realtor. After transitioning from investor to agent, Clay then became a Broker. After passing the Broker's exam, Clay decided to open his own agency. After becoming increasingly frustrated in picking out a name, he went out back to his wife's "she-shed" to pout. That's when his faithful Chocolate Lab decided to inspire him. Now he is the  Broker/Owner of Brown Dog Realty. 

For the details of this inspiration, see Bailey's story below.

Sales/ Leasing Agent and Pilot Carson, son of owner Clay, is one of the youngest rising stars in Oklahoma real Estate. Carson bought his first house at 15, before he was in High School, Carson has added to his portfolio while at NN as well. While at Norman North he was a Varsity Football Player earning All Conference and Special Teams Player of the Year Honors. As a two sport athlete he also represented his school on the golf course as well, both in Oklahoma and out of State competitively. 


Between his Jr. and Sr. year in High School he became a Licensed Realtor and began developing his passion for flying drones eventually leading to him exploring becoming a pilot. 

In addition to becoming a Commercial Drone Pilot, he has been coordinating contracting duties for real estate listings as well. Carson is also a 2 sport athlete at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

"THE MUSE" She inspired founder Clay to have a pet friendly real estate company. Her inspiration for the name came when Clay couldn't decide on a name and Bailey decided to attack the water hose while Julie, Clay's wife, was watering flowers. This made Clay laugh and the rest is history. 

Bailey began her career with the family as a rambunxious pup that became a wonderful "water dog" and is now retired from active duty. She still loves flying crust night, (pizza night) and special trips to get a jr. twist cone. 

"THE SIDE KICK" our newest addition to the team, Charlie or as his full name would suggest Charlie Brown Dog will be around to help to help lighten the mood and keep a keen eye out for the opportunities for fun. Charlie aka Chuck, Chungus isn't afraid to negotiate for treats and more with his puppy eyes and high energy tail wagging. 

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