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Do You HaveProperties for Rent? Need Help? Shop our packages below:

We take pride in helping bring Owners/ Landlords and Tenants together in a positive, professional and respectful format. We bring similar services to to leasing and rentals that are expected in traditional sales transactions. MLS listings, affordable commission rates, professional listing photos with drone imaging all included.  

The Lab
Lease Only
The Beagle
Lease and 

If it is more your style to simply be a quiet investor, no worries. Allow Brown Dog and OZ to take care of the leasing and day to day operations for you. We have competitive rates to handle everything for you. 

Contact Brown Dog Today to allow us to help you list your investment property on the MLS and fill your investment property with excellent tenants. We have plans starting with first time investors with smaller portfolios to larger residential, multi-family and commercial abilities as well. 

The Hound
Rent or Lease

Need consultation, direction or any other level of advice on how to get started renting, leasing or becoming a real estate investor? You have come to the right place. Let us help you get started. 

The Collie
Lease to Own

This is a very popular and unique format to each investment property and opportunity for some to become first time home buyers. We would love to help get this process started or also be more than thrilled to bring the two parties together for the transaction with actionable advice and assistance. 

The Shepherd
Property Management

Considering more free time? Great idea, contact us today and we can take the reigns for your property management needs. Flexible and competitive rates are available regardless of the size of your portfolio. 

The Husky
Buying/Selling Real Estate Assets

Regardless of the circumstances, we can help tenants approach property owners or property owners who are considering a new direction with their investment portfolio list their asset(s). Please don't hesitate to contact us to help. 

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